Professional Licensed Home Inspector

Professional Licensed Home Inspector

Professional Licensed Home InspectorProfessional Licensed Home InspectorProfessional Licensed Home Inspector

DeepFork Home Inspection is a Limited Liability company 

About Us

Certified and licensed Home Inspector

I am a licensed and certified Home Inspector regulated by the Construction Industries Board. I’ve trained under and work with one of the best Home Inspection companies in the state. I inspect the entire home in a visual, accessible, non-invasive way looking for defects and safety issues that will effect your family and value of your home. I inspect the roof, attic, interior, exterior, garage, basement and crawlspaces.  

Why choose me?

I put myself in my client’s shoes and look at a house not only as a collection of systems, but as a home full of potential both good and bad. An average home inspection should take about 3 hours, with a overview of findings at end, and a full report with in 24 hr.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

Let me help you have peace of mind when it comes to buying or selling your home. I am here for you, my client. I will do everything within the standards set forth by the State of Oklahoma to ensure you understand what you are purchasing for you and your family. 



Are you thinking of putting your home on the market? A pre-sale home inspection should be your first step to avoid delays caused by surprises during closing. A few minor repairs before putting your house up for-sale can save you time and money down the road. 

Inspect before you buy

If you are thinking of buying a home you should have a home inspection. Regardless of your level of experience and expertise in the construction and maintenance of a home, you need to have someone with Your interests in mind looking at the systems of the home. While you plan potential holiday gatherings in your new home using your new kitchen, I am looking for potential problems and issues with your home.

Rates and discounts


My rate is 0.12$/sqft. with a $250 minimum. I give a discount for payments done on day of inspection vs going to close. I also give 15% discounts to Veterans/Military, Educators, Emergency Health Care workers. and more. 

For a typical home of 2500 sqft an inspection would start at $300.00. (estimate only)

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